The effects of cadmium chloride on the hematological and biochemical parameters in giant Sturgeon fish (Huso huso)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran- Iran.

2 Scientific Association of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, Fishery Administration of Babol, Mazandaran.


Cadmium, heavy metal regularly is being reported in flesh of one of the most importantcaviar,Sturgeon fish(Huso huso)in Caspian Sea.This level of heavy metal were detected by atomic absorption spectrophotometer device in the albumin content of this fish.The goal is, to study the effect of heavy metal cadmium on sturgeon fish (Huso huso) by using certain hematology and bio-chemical variations.The sub-lethal concentrations (LC50) of cadmium chloride on Huso huso was found out for 96 h (28 mg/L), and 1/15th, 1/10th, and 1/5th of the LC50 were 1.93, 3.11 and 5.78 mg/L respectively. The results indicated that the values of the leucocytes and the RBC were in the range of 13.74±0.42 to 40.64 ± 2.01 (×103cell /mm3) and 4.31±0.35 to 2.28±0.35 (p<0.05) respectively. Concentrations of M.C.H (pg), M.C.H.C (g/LD), hematocrit and hemoglobin were significantly decreased (p<0.05).


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