The Study of the Comments and Recreational Needs of the Visitors to Reyzamin Located in Central Alborz Protected Area

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Collage of Environment, Department of the Environment, Karaj, Iran

2 MSc in Environmental Design Engineering, College of Environment, Alborz, Iran.

3 Ph.D. student in environmental law, Department of Environment


The study of the comments of the visitors is one of the important criteria in selecting, planning and designing recreational region that causes the pleasure productivity in the areas which have potential for tourism. The present research is the result of a 4 months field work to evaluate the recreational region needs of the visitors  to Reyzamin  that is a part of Central Alborz Protected Area in Karaj District and in side of Karaj-Chalous Tourism Road. Clawson Method, one of the most common methods of studying recreational region in the world, was used in this research to obtain people's comments and some questionnaires were used for the study.  A questionnaire with 18 questions  was designed and 156 copies of them were completed through distribution and face to face interview from July 2011 to October 2011. The questionnaires were distributed during this period ,in holidays, middle and early week  of each month. The results showed that men are the most visitors. Most of the visitors are academically High school Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree and financially they are in an average status. Most of the visitors are under 30 years old. The visitors are there mostly with their families and  in their own car and it takes them less than two hours to get there and their cost of trip is less than 50,000 Tomans. If the weather is fine, they prefer to go on a picnic than have other entertainments. They say the facilities in the area are not enough. Even if they do not agree to pay admission fee, but if the condition improves , receiving the admission fee can increase the number of the visitors to the area and they can benefit more from the area.